COVID-19 regulations violate Human Rights

The number of people who question the legitimacy of quarantine is rising around the world. The barrister Francis Hoar who has earlier this week published on Twitter the document called “DISPROPORTIONATE INTERFERENCE WITH RIGHT AND FREEDOMS” in which he bringing up a concern that “the 'lockdown' regulations are incompatible with the ECHR and thus unlawful”.


The era of virtual court hearings has now begun.

when 8 judges, 11 of 12 Jurors and several constables have died due to fever spreading from unsanitary jails via prisoners into dirty and overcrowded courtrooms. Nowadays, pandemic makes physical meetings of any sort impermissible, so courtrooms are transforming to have virtual space where all parties meet simultaneously without spreading the disease.


The remote working mode is ON from now on.

The main advantage of remote working, from the employees’ viewpoint, is flexibility because many people believe that not only does remote working eliminate commuting, which for most commuters is a total waste of time, but also allows being more focused and productive at home than in the office. If the working spot at home is well equipped and at the same time cosy this will facilitate an appropriate working environment for great achievements.


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