Social media giants will be sued for bias “fact-checking”!

Tech. giants like Facebook, Twitter, and Google have broad immunity from civil cases over the content users publish on their platforms because they claim to be platforms and not publishers. It means that they cannot curate, censor or otherwise act as a publisher but they act as such by making one-sided biased “Fact-Checking”. Therefore lawyers drafting a bill to prevent them from doing so.


Remember, you’re not a ferret!

Nephew of former President John F. Kennedy Robert F Kennedy Jr. is an environmental lawyer and in his recent talk about vaccination tells the story of that there were three outbreaks of coronavirus starting in early 2002 called SARS and MERS. China and western Governments invested millions of dollars in creating a coronavirus vaccine. Over 30 vaccines have been developed during the period from 2002 to 2012. In the year 2012 four most promising vaccines were injected to ferrets, the animal that is most analogous to a human being when it comes to upper lung respiratory infections. Ferrets had a brilliant, robust and durable antibody response BUT when they were exposed to the wild virus they’ve got horribly sick! They’ve got inflammations throughout their bodies and died.

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Escape Mandatory radiation

Over 40,000 British citizens and UK residents who don’t want to be exposed to a millimetre wave have signed the petition to delay 5G in the UK until there's been an independent holistic investigation, however, it's not enough for this petition to be considered for the debate in Parliament. You have a right to request for honest, unbiased conduct of the investigation:


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