Anyone adversely affected by COVID crisis to be  indemnified

Anyone adversely affected by COVID crisis to be indemnified

The medical profession meant to provide caring service with a high standard of excellence but there are occasions when patients treated on the NHS or privately may be the victim of a medical error that can cause disability or even death. According to the National Audit Office (NAO) claims costs to the NHS are rising. Before the Covid outbreak, the NHS paid out over £9 billion in medical negligence compensation, with over  £83 billion outstanding for claims that are still processed. More than 70% of the claims brought against the NHS are resolved without going to court.

The government has anticipated the deterioration in the quality of NHS services due to the COVID-19 crisis with the consequent rise in coronavirus-related medical negligence claims and has launched a new scheme called NHS Resolution (NHSR) which in conjunction with the new powers of the Coronavirus Act 2020 provides additional indemnity cover for clinical negligence liabilities that may arise during the crisis.

People on a daily basis develop cancers, suffer strokes and heart attacks or have accidents which require urgent medical treatment. Even though doctors and nurses are treating patients in extraordinary and novel circumstances, coronavirus does not exempt doctors from medical negligence claims. Our medical negligence solicitors have been contacted by people throughout the country whose diagnosis have been delayed,  their medical treatment has been cancelled or they were treated by staff with inadequate training which resulted in the patient sustaining an injury or contracting disease. 

If you’ve or your loved one have been affected by COVID-19 crisis, get in touch with CLAIM OK for free and confidential advice. No obligation whatsoever. 100% No Win No Fee claims.

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