Anyone adversely affected by COVID crisis to be indemnified

According to the National Audit Office (NAO) claims costs to the NHS are rising. Before the Covid outbreak, the NHS paid out over £9 billion in medical negligence compensation, with over £83 billion outstanding for claims that are still processed. More than 70% of the claims brought against the NHS are resolved without going to court.


Social media giants will be sued for bias “fact-checking”!

Tech. giants like Facebook, Twitter, and Google have broad immunity from civil cases over the content users publish on their platforms because they claim to be platforms and not publishers. It means that they cannot curate, censor or otherwise act as a publisher but they act as such by making one-sided biased “Fact-Checking”. Therefore lawyers drafting a bill to prevent them from doing so.


Winter driving tips

Hooray, one more month remains until the spring but there is still a chance for Arctic big Freeze to hit Britain hard next month with freezing rains, snow grains, ice…


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