COVID-19 regulations violate Human Rights

COVID-19 regulations violate Human Rights

Have you been questioning yourself why the world has gone mad about seasonal flu? Do you want to know why the government needed the lockdown to be imposed? – Feel free to ask but make sure you will be heard. Please bear in mind that In order to get a true answer, the question should be asked and addressed correctly.

So how to formulate a question the right way?

The answer is simple – there’s no formula as questions arise themselves due to the inconsistency of information provided by the government and the events taking place in reality. Independent professional experts from all around the world were also in search of the answers so their latest research on COVID-19 debunks pandemic hysteria promoted by the governments and mass media misleading the population.

Why the government made a mountain of a molehill to impose a lockdown?

It’s a good question and the number of people who question the legitimacy of quarantine is rising around the world. The barrister Francis Hoar who has earlier this week published on Twitter the document called “DISPROPORTIONATE INTERFERENCE WITH RIGHT AND FREEDOMS” in which he bringing up a concern that “the ‘lockdown’ regulations are incompatible with the ECHR and thus unlawful”.

What comes after?

No one knows for sure but it all suggests that the “lockdown” is just an intro to what comes after – an unprecedented recession and you don’t have to be an economist to realize this is inevitable. What comes after the recession? The second lockdown? So don’t be silent and keep questioning! Spare some time to study the sources contained in this post. Share your thoughts on our website and social networks.


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