How to deal with the employer if I’m injured at work?
Workplace injury compensation claim

How to deal with the employer if I’m injured at work?

The answer is simple, let your solicitor deal with your employer’s insurers instead. Just make sure the accident is recorded in the “Accident book” and give us a call. Although Employers have insurance to cover the legal fees against workplace accidents we understand why many people may be too frightened to make a claim due to the worry of losing their job. Employers have the duty to make sure the job their employees carry out is safe and they are not legally allowed to terminate their contract. If that happens we may be able to bring a claim for unfair dismissal.

Furthermore, wherever you work, your employer has a legal obligation to maintain certain health and safety standards to minimise the risk of workplace accidents and must try to ensure that you carry out your work in the safest way possible bearing in mind the type of job that you do, the materials, equipment that you work with and the tasks involved. 

If you feel your employers have acted negligently and you have suffered an injury due to their lack of due care and attention Claim Ok will help you to arrange your Accident at Work Claim for compensation.

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