The remote working mode is ON from now on.

The main advantage of remote working, from the employees’ viewpoint, is flexibility because many people believe that not only does remote working eliminate commuting, which for most commuters is a total waste of time, but also allows being more focused and productive at home than in the office. If the working spot at home is well equipped and at the same time cosy this will facilitate an appropriate working environment for great achievements.


Winter driving tips

Hooray, one more month remains until the spring but there is still a chance for Arctic big Freeze to hit Britain hard next month with freezing rains, snow grains, ice…


Top 3 Electric cars to buy in 2020

For those motorists who kin to save on expensive fuel prices, car insurance, tax costs and congestion charge payments Electric cars offer various advantages. Renault ZOE Fully-electric vehicles have grown…


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