Speeding is the major cause of all motor vehicle fatalities
Speeding is unacceptable

Speeding is the major cause of all motor vehicle fatalities

The fog is one of the natural hazards that can be the cause of dramatic road accidents but if a rushing motorist is slicing through the thick fog at 130 mph even if the road is clear may end up confined to bed for the rest of his life, injure passengers and other road users or even take away someone’s life. Many people drive their cars on the motorway with their children at the back but those in a hurry can drive much more dangerously. Some drive far much faster than they should, whereas others drive more aggressively.

Nasty weather conditions in combination with reckless driving can make things even worse. The driver of BMW that was speeding with young kids on board in Cambridgeshire earlier this week was lucky to be stopped by police because he may never have reached his destination safely even though he is a good driver.

No one is protected against misfortune that can happen anywhere anytime. If everybody would be more cautious, accidents would become far less common but unfortunately bad habits are formed long after passing a driving test. This short video footage published by Telegraph last year reminds about the danger of poor visibility and slippery road:

Here’s another footage that reminds about the danger of speeding:

Always be vigilant, however, if despite the safety measures taken, you or your loved ones are injured as a result of an accident that occurred through no fault of yours you have the right to pursue a “No Win – No Fee” Personal Injury Compensation claim. Even if someone else is partially at fault, you can still file a successful claim.

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