What insurance cover is the best?

What insurance cover is the best?

You are legally obliged to have insurance in place to drive a car and the average cost of car cover in accordance with the latest data on Insurance comparison websites is getting closer to £500, so it’s definitely worth shopping around for a better deal.

So what types of cover available for the drivers?


It is the most basic level of cover that meets the minimum legal insurance requirements for UK drivers as it covers any compensation you may have to pay out to a third party, for causing any damage or injury. It tends to be the cheapest but not always is a bargain you should go for. 

Third-party, fire and theft:


This kind of car insurance is exactly the same as the third party but also covers your car in case it is damaged by fire or stolen.




Fully comprehensive insurance covers the cost of damage to your own vehicle, even if you are at fault for causing an accident. It may also, in some cases, allow you to drive other cars under the same policy.


Is the cheaper the better?


The most important aspect of car insurance is making sure you have the right cover. If you focus too much on a lower price, you may end up getting poor cover, which could cost you hundreds or even thousands of pounds when it comes to making a claim.


But what affects the cost?


The price of insurance is shaped by the risks your personal circumstances may have. For example, you are a more experienced driver if you’re older, so age is an obvious factor as well as the type of car you want to drive where you live and what you do for a living. Even gender determines the hazards for insurance company, for example, men have more powerful cars and drive more often than women so more likely to get into trouble on the road.

Further reasons why other motorists pay different amounts for their cover is the value of the car, for example, if the price is very high then there’s more chance of it being stolen and if it has a powerful engine more likely to get into an accident.


Car insurance for young drivers


Younger drivers can find it hard to get cheap car insurance quotes because insurers consider them of greater risks and therefore the average annual premium for a fully comprehensive policy for new drivers, aged 20 to 24 has almost reached £1000.


"Black box’ car insurance


Young motorists can save more than £150 on their premiums by selecting a telematics policy that allows your insurer to monitor how safely you drive.


Specialist car insurance

You may find a standard policy either won’t cover your needs at all or it will, but with bulky additional charges if you drive something special and your circumstances aren’t typical


Classic cars

Classic car policy is required if the vehicle is more than 25 years old. It is often known to be more pricey and harder to repair, therefore the price is appropriate.


Multi-car policies

This kind of policy designed for families with more than one car registered to the same address and could be a good way to get a cheap deal for each of the drivers and save a whole household a significant amount of money each year.

Moreover, each driver builds up their individual no claims discount, so if one car is involved in an accident, none of the other drivers will suffer a penalty to their no claims discount.


Be strategic when buying insurance cover

Make sure you buy insurance cover at the right time of year as it can also have a big impact on the price you pay for a policy.

Research shows that February is the cheapest month for car insurance while December is the most expensive.

So try your luck on most popular websites:

–  Compare the Market

– MoneySupermarket

– Confused

There are hundreds of insurers in the UK and you may not find some of them on comparison sites but it worth to find out directly. The main three are Aviva, AIG, AXA.

It’s always important to read the policy details, no matter how wordy, twisted or boring they might be you have to know what you’ve signed up for and what isn’t included in your policy.

If in the case of an accident you believe that you require assistance in dealing with your insurer, contact ClaimOK to discuss your circumstances with one of our solicitors.



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