What is the largest human organ?

What is the largest human organ?

Skin is the largest organ in your body and it absorbs anything you put on it so applying a nourishing mask onto your face is almost equivalent to eating it. If it sounds weird for you then think of Swiss chemist Albert Hofmann, the discoverer of psychoactive substance LSD, a small amount (just around 20 micrograms) of which has been accidentally absorbed through his skin whilst he was working in a lab

What is the amount of toxic substances in domestic and skincare products?

The amount of hazardous chemicals differs from brand to brand and you have to make your own research on which shampoo, soap or surface cleaner to choose for everyday use but of course, the toxicity depends on the dose and the frequency of exposure, however, the vast majority of people around the globe are exposed to toxins on a daily basis without even realising the actual amounts of harmful carcinogenic stuff the manufacturers fill colourful tubes with. The solution is to use natural domestic and skincare products as they help the skin to prevent or cure many skin conditions including acne, eczema and psoriasis without applying harmful toxic chemicals onto your body. A healthy diet accelerates the healing process making life easier and joyful.

Harmful clothing

Clothes that are labelled as “waterproof,” “stain-resistant” or “wrinkle-free” often have adverse effects on the skin and health in general due to toxic chemicals contained in them. Not only special-purpose clothing may be harmful but even the one that is designed to cover your intimate body parts. So the advice would be to wear underwear made of natural fabrics your skin would be happy with.

Exposure to hazardous chemicals at the workplace

According to a 2018 UN report around the world, a worker dies from toxic exposure in their workplace every 30 seconds.  Contact with hazardous substances can cause serious harm, or long-term diseases, therefore, it is advisable to follow the guidance at the workplace, wear protective clothing and take extra care to prevent exposure to hazardous substances but if despite the precautions the worst had happened – get in touch with our solicitors to file a compensation claim as our specialized personal injury and illness lawyers have years of experience in winning complicated claims.

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