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If your claim is unsuccessful, you will not be charged anything providing you have not misled or have

failed to co-operate with your solicitor. The Claim Ok will put you in touch with a solicitor who will act on
your behalf under this agreement.

We will listen to all your cases, but mainly deal with accidents at work, road traffic accidents or with
accidents in a public place. We deal with cases no matter how large or small they are. If it is not an area
of our expertise we can put you in contact with highly experienced solicitors and your case will be in safe

The sooner you make your claim, the better it is. However, the general ruling is that you have until it
reaches three years after your accident, to make your claim. If there is a serious injury or illness involved
in the case, you have three years after you are aware of the injury.

If it is a straight forward case, three to twelve months. More complicated cases or cases where there are
disputes can take longer. Much depends upon the exact circumstances of the case. The specialist
solicitor that we appoint to act for you will always be able to advise you on the progress of your claim as
well as on the level of your compensation.

Less than 2% of cases end up in Court because most cases are settled by negotiation between the
parties. This means that you are most likely to receive your damages without having to go to Court as
our solicitors will negotiate these with the Insurance company on your behalf.

That will depend on your injuries. Compensation claims are in two parts: injury and financial loss such as
loss of earnings, medical expenses etc. Awards vary from a thousand pounds or less, in smaller cases, to
multi million pound awards in substantial serious injury cases. The specialist solicitor that we appoint to
act for you will be able to advise you about the level of your compensation.

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